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Forever Free Cryptocurrency Exchange
TOKIA Website
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Payments bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, VISA, Mastercard
  • Views Total Views: 22508
  • Expire Date July 27, 2017

TOKIA’s product vision

TOKIA has three elements: a wallet, an exchange and a direct crypto payment card. These elements interact to simplify all operations and make them more convenient for all cryptocurrency conversions.

By introducing a large variety of fiat currencies, we will ensure that the whole cryptocurrency world is spinning faster thanks to the increased liquidity of assets.

The exchange will also have a built-in cold storage feature, making all you blockchain based funds safe yet easy to access. Providing the opportunity to get into blockchain based currency is important to ensure the wider spread of this technology, especially in the parts of the world where traditional banking systems can’t offer financial services accessible to all.

With this product, TOKIA is aiming to be a bridge between the traditional payment infrastructure and blockchain based assets and currencies.

The TOKIA wallet - Keeping crypto assets safe

TOKIA’s mission is to provide reliable and effective currency exchange services to everyone.

Our business model also has the provision of the highest possible security at its core. Yet we are still continually looking for additional steps to make safe processes even safer.

Two-factor authentication will be applied to ensure greater security to clients’ crypto assets.

This will give a higher level of control in the protection of your assets.

TOKIA Cryptocurrency Exchange - Forever free cryptocurrency exchange

To facilitate the conversion between crypto and traditional assets, as well as between cryptocurrencies, TOKIA will be offering an exchange platform.

It will operate on a brokerage principle ? TOKIA will act as an exchange agency that executes the conversion based on a single aggregated exchange rate, which is based on the prevailing rates at global crypto trading platforms.

The TOKIA debit card

There has NEVER been an easier way to buy, sell and spend Bitcoin.

Anyone, anywhere will be able to purchase major cryptocurrencies with TOKIA. All these altcoins can then be used to make purchases using your TOKIA debit card. No external exchange is necessary and the process couldn’t be simpler.

Mobile exchange & Digital currency wallet

Mobile wallet
A convenient and secure mobile wallet for all your crypto-funds

Multiple blockchain assets
One wallet for them all. Store and trade all your digital assets from a single convenient application

Mobile exchange
Exchange between your crypto & traditional currencies directly from your mobile device

Secure offline storage
Convenient or secure? How about both - and you control how much of your assets are stored offline

No exchange fees
Get 10x your TOK token balance in free trading volume on the exchange each month, every month

Multiple traditional currencies
Convert your crypto assets into multiple traditional currencies

Employ your capital
Lend your digital assets to others for trading and earn an interest through margin trading loans

Easy to buy Bitcoins
Execute a bank wire transfer to your TOKIA bank account and voil? - you've just bought bitcoins!

Message from TOKIA team

TOKIA is a project that aims to bring Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies into your everyday life.

At present, the growing number of people who wish to integrate cryptocurrencies into their daily economic transactions still face too many obstacles.

Our solution is simple: to combine all the essential blockchain products and services, and integrate them into a single debit card. This is much more than an attempt merely to couple together different elements of the crypto economy. It takes cryptocurrency usage to the next level by bringing it into the financial transactions we make every day.

We believe that currently the crypto economy remains too isolated from traditional economic structures. This is a major contributing factor to the volatility currently seen in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

While we don’t want to pass judgement on the benefits and shortcomings that stem from the frenzy of speculation which currently surrounds the crypto economy, we do believe that cryptocurrencies are bringing incredible opportunities to replace the outdated banking system, and the potential benefits they offer in this way greatly outweigh those offered when cryptocurrencies are treated purely as tools for speculation.

We believe the key step forward needed is to bridge the gap and remove the barriers between the crypto economy and traditional money, as this will bring two major benefits to
cryptocurrencies. Firstly, it will increase their usefulness for everyday consumers, and secondly it will ensure that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can leave their volatile, teenage years behind and move to the next stage - the “adulthood of cryptocurrency.”

Token Overview

  • SymbolTKA
  • CatchphraseForever Free Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • PlatformEthereum
  • Paymentsbitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, VISA, Mastercard
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News PickUP



  • 2017/8/15

    Seed round lead by private investors.(500K EUR)

  • 2017/10/24

    Technical talent attraction started.

  • 2017/11/5

    Selection of and negotiations with the payment processor started.

  • 2017/11/30

    Opening of the development offices.

  • 2017/12/4

    Token sale started.

  • 2018/3/1

    Platform setup with payment processing service provider completed.

  • 2018/5/1

    We plan to be listed on 2 major crypto exchanges.

  • 2018/7/1

    Tokia Authorization & Settlement Engine (ASE) ready for testing.

  • 2018/9/1

    Mobile wallet & Exchange ready for use by the general public.

  • 2018/12/15

    First non/test payment processed via Tokia ASE.

  • 2019/2/1

    Shipment of payment cards to Customers.

  • 2019/7/15

    Launch of the cold/storage feature within Tokia Mobile Wallet.


Pre-Sale2017/12/04 - 2017/12/30

discount : -47%
Token rate : 1 TOK = 1 USD

Hard cap : 10 000 000

Round 12017/12/31 - 2018/01/31

discount : -35%
Token rate : 1 TOK = 1 USD

Hard cap : 12 500 000

Round 22018/02/01 - 2018/02/14

discount : -25%
Token rate : 1 TOK = 1 USD

Hard cap : 12 500 000

Round 32018/02/15 - 2018/02/28

discount : -15%
Token rate : 1 TOK = 1 USD

Hard cap : 10 000 000

Round 42018/03/01 - 2018/03/15

discount : -5%
Token rate : 1 TOK = 1 USD

Hard cap : 5 000 000