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Jibrel Network (JNT)

Digitize, list, trade and sell traditional assets
Jibrel Network Website
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Payments Ethereum
  • Views Total Views: 22508
  • Expire Date July 27, 2017


Token Overview

  • SymbolJNT
  • CatchphraseDigitize, list, trade and sell traditional assets
  • PlatformEthereum
  • PaymentsEthereum
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  • Recovering JNT from compromised wallets
    Recovering JNT from compromised wallets

    We received numerous requests from users who have had their personal wallets (MEW, Exodus, etc.) hacked. As a result, all their tokens were…...

  • Pre-sale Participant Guarantee
    Pre-sale Participant Guarantee

    Jibrel Network Token (JNT) was offered in pre-sale at US$ 0.20–0.225 per token. During which, ETH prices were at around ~US$ 300. BTC prices were around ~US$ 4,500. Jibrel built-out its…...

  • Checking your JNT balance on Etherscan
    Checking your JNT balance on Etherscan

    With Jibrel Network Token (JNT) withdrawals enabled for the first time on Friday, December 15th, a lot of people have wondered why…...

News PickUP



  • title

    2017 May:The Jibrel Network Limited Alpha goes live on Ropsten

  • title

    2017 September:Jibrel Network Token offered at a discounted price

  • title

    2017 October:The official CryDR wallet is released under an open-source license for community use

  • title

    2017 November:Jibrel Network Token offered publically

  • title

    2018 February:A dedicated CryDR block explorer is released to facilitate closer / more detailed tracking of CryDRs

  • title

    2018 April:Institutional Grade Banking Platform

  • title

    2018 November:Jibrel DAO is launched and the network begins full decentralization


Pre-Sale2017/12/15 -